The freshmen year

program ensures students acquire basic knowledge and skills Essential to further studies.

Intensive English courses are organized in profits for the first year students to enhance their level.

The second year

is a year of consolidation; it is a real step in the entry disciplinary specialization. Through the opening in the professional world modules, the student accurate his project studies and discovers the associated trades.

TOEFL preparation is offered free to students of the second year.

The third year

is a year of specialization, strengthening of disciplinary knowledge and skills acquired, and referral to the disciplines of business. Vocationally options allow students to refine their projects and to pursue a specialization in master. The courses of this year are taught primarily in English.


  • Marketing and Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Management of Information Systems

Compulsory from the first year in a professional environment courses are offered. Prerequisite for obtaining a first job, internship fits directly into a dynamic professional.