Applications for registration are accepted for students who meet the conditions of access:

These conditions are based on non-discrimination with respect to race, sex,color, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability..

In all cases,

Admission to the Institute record must contain:

  • An application (printed withdraw at school)
  • The Bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • The transcripts of past academic year
  • Registration fee
  • Validation of entrance test.

The application must contain accurate information about the candidate and his or her school to determine its ability tofollow normally our educational programs.

This application must be notarized.

The school reserves the right to reject the registration of any student givingmisinformation. Final acceptance is confirmed by an official letter from the administration of the institute.

The payment of the registration fee is a prerequisite to consider the request of the student and set dates for entrance exams. These fees once paid not be refunded to the student, except in the case of its application was rejected.


The Institute teaches several specialties within the area of Business administration and computer engineering. The specialization is done gradually. Itbegins with a period of basic training to achievedeepening and specialization itself, to BAC +5 (Master).

The majors are:

  • Marketing and Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Management of Information Systems

These fields respectively allow access to the labor market and meet Current requirements.

The Educational Committee makes a personal study of each studentaccording to his degrees and skills and to advice him/her the specialty that suits him/her the most.

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For more information, Contact: 05 37 66 06 47