Founded in 2002, Knowledge CBI Higher Education Computer and Business Institute is a Superior Private Business Administration and Computer Engineering Teaching Institute, which has established and developed all the guarantees of success and excellence.

Today the Institute is recognized for its quality of education both nationally and internationally.

We are proud of the fact that the Institute is helping to build the future of many students who want to succeed and be active in multiple areas/fields.

Important dates at Knowledge CBI:

  • 2002 : Approval of the Ministry of Higher Education to deliver the Bac +4;
  • 2006 : The first promotion of graduate students;
  • 2007 : Authorization of the Ministry of Higher Education to award the degree BAC+6;
  • 2010 : Modification of the school system in the organization in accordance with the new educational policy in Morocco, including the adoption of three years to obtain a Bachelor and five years for a Master.
  • 2011 : approval by the Ministry of Higher Education Knowledge CBI as an accredited university.