In order to enable students to acquire the skills necessary for making important and relevant decisions of company management, Knowledge CBIproposes a new Master (BAC+5) preparing for careers in Management , Finance and Banking, Marketing and communication, and Human Resources.

During your studies, each taught module provides a real opportunity to demonstrate your ability to learn and acquire knowledge and even help you achieve excellence and have a more global perspective.

You will be able to develop skills in the areas of management and communication skills that have been carefully selected to meet your future needs of the labor market.

Thus, the Master, will lead you to achieve leadership positions, conducting research and analysis of quality, and to make decisions as manager in various areas of economic and social activity.

The conditions of access to the Master:

Admitted students must comply with the requirements of the Institute. Admitted students must comply with the requirements of the Institute.

The registration file must include:

  • A certified copy of bachelor's degree or its equivalent copy;
  • The transcript results showing that the student has achieved good results in the subjects required by specialization;
  • The application for full admission may be obtained from the administration or printed from the website;
  • Payment of the registration fee (which can be returned to the student if the record is not accepted by the Institute);

The file and the registration fee

The registration file must contain the individual data of the student as well as the required information on the training course, which will enable it to benefit from our programs. The information provided must be accurate and precise. Also, the signature on the application must be legalized.

Administration of Knowledge CBI reserves the right to reject any application with inaccurate information, and therefore rejecting the folder.

The application o f admission is confirmed by an official letter from the administration of Knowledge CBI.

The payment of the registration fee is a prerequisite for the study of the application for registration and to determine the dates for the entrance exams. These fees once paid will not be returned to the student, except in the case of rejection of the application by the administration of Knowledge CBI.


Several fields taught at the Institute in the field of Business Administration and Computer Engineering. Training is progressive from the fundamental deepening specialization in the Master studies.

These are the following specialties:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Management of Information Systems.

Finance and Banking

These fields allow access to the labor market in various areas of economic and social activity.

Also, special attention is paid by the administration of Knowledge CBI profiles of students and their results in order to move towards an optimal choice of specialization.

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