Student Activities

Students activities are an important part of student life. Participation in these activities allows students to develop management skills and communication important for the development of personal skills.

Events organized to enliven the life within our Institute allows students to invest and grow in a school setting.

These events also serve to strengthen ties between students and apply their managerial skills.

Graduation ceremony

Each year, an official graduation ceremony is an opportunity to bring together students who have completed their studies at knowlegeCBI.

Students, supervised by the educational director, faculty, participate in this ceremony with emotion and pride.

Parents, families, graduates, alumni, all gathered together to celebrate this event.

Company visit

As part of its academic philosophy to combine theory with practice, knowledge CBI organizes during the academic year visits to domestic and foreign companies in order to allow its students close contact with business, in order to prepare them to the work environment.

New Location

Nous portons à la connaissance de nos chères étudiants et professeurs que l’école a changé de local.

Il est planté au centre d’Agdal à 5 min de gare Rabat Agdal, 5 min de tram et à 5 min de la station des bus

Un local plus spacieux, bien aménagé, des salles bien équipées pour le confort des étudiants et le bon déroulement des cours, amphi théâtre pour l’animation des cours magistraux.